Be careful what you pray for

Chapter 29! "The best and last year of my 20's!"

 Before I turned 29, I prayed for this year to be a year of growth. I wanted to grow spiritually, physically, economically, and mentally.  I prayed for more opportunities for my business, I prayed that I would be able to go to Africa and help more w/ my parents NPO, Live Ear Ministries (I'll tell you about that in another post),  I prayed to be able to travel more and just take care of me, and lastly I prayed for a better job! And boy, did God answer. When people say, be specific in your prayers, that is a truth that I, fortunately & unfortunately, had to learn the hard way.


 Exactly 9 days after my birthday, I was let go from my full-time job at a non-profit (...a story for another day), with no real reasonings. I had little to no savings and hadn't strategized my plans of making this year "MY BEST YEAR" yet. My lease was ending, my family had just moved to another part of the state. I didn't really have much except for Shop.Vire, in which I share with my sister, but we had just slowed down on our shop to restrategize our business plans. So, I was definitely (well, still am) in a rough spot. So there I was down & out of luck.

But with a little prayer, faith, and help from my support team (my family & friends) I was able to pick myself up. After a few weeks of getting fired I was compensated for their mistake and now able to get some income to pay my bills, I had an opportunity of going back home to Benin, W Africa, to help with my parents NPO and work with the deaf & hard-of-hearing community there for 2.5 weeks and spend a few days with family that I haven't seen for 10 years, I'm now able to do the things that I love like painting, crafts, and working on Shop.Vire ( in which I didn't have the time to do before), and most importantly I'm able to focus more on my purpose and God's plan for my life. 

Looking at it now, I believe God knew I wasn't going to leave my job without his help. lol. He also knew if I didn't leave that job, I wouldn't be ready for what he has for me. Let me be honest, I knew I had to leave my old job, it was becoming draining and uncomfortable, I didn't feel supported and was always on edge, and it definitely was not paying me well. But, I couldn't leave.1. I didn't want to be another person leaving or disappointing the children I worked with and 2. I was comfortable 3. Change is a hard adjustment for me. So combining all those reasons I become stuck and God saw I needed help and I'm grateful for it! lol 

When I prayed for these things in May, I didn't expect my prayers to start being answered immediately and in that particular way or order. lol I have 8 more months until I hit the big 30 and I'm planning on continuing and making this the best year of my 20's!