My name is Ahouefa! I'm a first generation American (born in Benin), who is on a journey of finding myself through fashion, travel, volunteering, and just life lessons in general. For years now, I have wanted to create a space where I am able to share my likes of fashion, hair, travel, work, and journey with others. That is why I made my blog MynameisAhouefa (M.N.I.A) 

I have also had a passion for fashion and wanted to represent my African culture, so my sister and I co-created Shop.Vire. Where you can find African & African inspired fashion and accessories that are sourced and made in Benin. We wanted to make something that we love, but that is also giving back to our people. 

My goal for my blog and shop is to represent every part of me, as well as, inspire others to embrace who they are while being fashionable!