Orange African Mesh Body Exfoliator
Orange African Mesh Body Exfoliator

Orange African Mesh Body Exfoliator

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Our hand cut African mesh body exfoliator has been used in West Africa for decades and 100% authentic and sourced from Benin. Our sponges are the perfect add on to your skin regimen! They're strong enough to give your body a deep clean without being too abrasive! 


-Scrubs away dead skin cells and dirt build up

-Reveals soft, smooth skin

-Generates new skin cell production

-Actively combats ingrown hairs

-Promotes even skin tone

-Prepares skin for absorbing lotions, butters, & oils

-Last for years


-Wet thoroughly then apply soap

-Work into rich lather and wash as normal

-For your back: stretch the length of the sponge and shimmy back and forth to exfoliate.

-Rinse with warm water and hang to dry

-Repeat daily to obtain full benefits. 


-Hand wash with warm water before use

-If sponge is too rough, soak in hot water before use. If it is too soft, place in dryer on a hot setting to firm the sponge. 

-Color may fade/wash out slightly during the first rinse

-Average length is approximetaly 72" inch when stretched

-Each piece is hand cut and may vary in dimensions

-Recommended to replace every 1-2 years